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Victoria Girard here and I am so honored that you are here at! You will also find me in Woman’s World Magazine,  L.A. Examiner, The UK Daily Mail,  Hello Beautiful, 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, and Beauty and Fashion Tech and many other wonderful places. I am here to help you get beautifully healthy skin by recommending the best skin care products and beauty devices that I have ever used and cover how eating healthy foods, exercising, and living a healthy overall lifestyle can dramatically impact the health of your skin.

Discover which skin care products fit your specific needs and will give you healthy skin that looks young and vibrant. I specialize in red light therapy for anti-aging, blue light therapy for acne, as well as other non-invasive and natural alternatives to getting healthier looking skin.

You will find a great deal of information on natural options such as red light therapy that will help you dramatically improve your skin without the risk of surgery, injections, or chemicals. My mission is to help you feel more beautiful naturally and seriously boost your confidence so you can go out in the world letting your true beauty shine; and all this without the risk that can come with certain procedures and ingredients.

Simplify your quest for the top skin care products with relevant skin care tips, advice, and resources!

Treasure your skin!

My favorite anti-aging products!!




Eye Cream




At home red light therapy

At home microcurrent device


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Truly healthy skin comes from taking care of yourself from the inside as well as the out.  Feed your body healthy foods, apply safe and use the top skin care products, take nourishing supplements, and exercise regularly.  Look for products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients, are safe, but effective.

I recommend that you check out the  EWG’s Skin Deep Database to learn more about dangerous toxins and harmful ingredients that may be hiding in your skin care, hair, and body products.  You can search their site to see if the proucts you and your family are using are considered safe.

It’s staggering how many skin care products are available; some fantastic, some okay, and some not so good. So, how do you weed out the ineffective products and dig up the true gems? Research, research, research! That’s where comes in.

I understand the challenge and importance of selecting the top skin care products that actually work and meet your unique needs. It can be overwhelming, to say the least, searching for products, systems, and tools that will make significant changes in your skin while being safe for your health as well. solves that problem and gives you tips, advice, and information you can use to select the top skin care  products as well as the right foods and supplements so that you can have healthy skin that you feel beautiful in.

I do very in-depth research and write about my discoveries so you have access to a plethora of knowledge gathered in one place. It is meant to make your search simple, quick, informative, and most importantly help you feel great about your skin.

We are all striving to have beautiful skin that we feel confident in.  All of the advice, products and tools on have been thoroughly researched so you can trust that they will make a difference in your skin.

The top skin care products and solutions for healthy skin!

Beautiful skin comes from taking care of yourself on the inside as well as the outside.  In order to have truly radiant skin you need to follow a holistic plan; eat healthy foods, exercise, reduce stress, and use the best skin care products for your specific concerns.

Thank you for visiting, have fun looking around and if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me.

Here’s to spectacularly healthy skin that you can feel beautiful in!


Victoria Girard


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