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Nighttime Beauty Routine

Nighttime is a great time to defy aging and look rested by rejuvenating and renewing your complexion while you sleep. When you lie down to rest at night your skin kicks in to reparative mode. It uses this time to regenerate and repair skin damage that has occurred during the day. You can take advantage of this quiet and restful time by giving these healthy processes an extra boost with these 5 tips.

1. Cleanse

Cleansing your skin at night is an important step in your skin care routine that shouldn’t be skipped no matter how tired you may be. During the day your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution, toxins, and debris that can clog your pores causing blemishes along with other skin issues. Thoroughly cleansing your skin at night removes those hazards and preps it for subsequent products helping them do their job more efficiently.

2. Moisturize

Nighttime is a must for applying a good moisturizer. At night while you rest your body temperature rises which increases the absorption rate within your skin. The climb in temperature helps your products reach deeper levels making your anti-aging treatments work even more effectively.

3. Potent Ingredients

Because your skin care products have an easier time reaching the deeper layers of your skin at night, you may want to consider using ingredients that repair and exfoliate your skin for an added bonus. Products that contain peptides, retinol, or glycolic acid improve your natural renewal and regenerative properties enhancing their efficacy while improving the appearance of your skin.

Red LED light therapy

4. Red LED Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a gentle alternative for de-aging your skin. Yellow wavelengths at 590 nanometers, Red wavelengths at 625-660 nanometers, and infrared wavelengths at 830-880 nanometers increase collagen and elastin production, stimulate cellular energy, while improving cellular renewal and regeneration processes. Using a powerful red light therapy system before bed ramps up your anti-aging activity giving your skin a powerful boost which encourages a healthy and vibrant glow. Click here for my top recommendations.

5. Elevate Your Head

As you sleep fluid can accumulate under your eyes resulting in bags and puffiness in the morning making you look tired or even worse, angry. Resting your head on two pillows at night promotes drainage which gives your eyes a smoother and more refreshed look in the morning.

Implementing some or all of these tips along with plenty of sleep will give you a more youthful and rejuvenated complexion. Take advantage of this restful and healing time to enrich your natural reparative processes so your skin reaps the rewards of this extra attention and looks beautifully healthy.

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.