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Bumps on arms

If you suffer with tiny bumps on your arms or legs then you have a condition called keratosis pilaris, or frequently referred to as chicken skin. It sounds a little scary and a little technical but it’s actually a hereditary skin condition that is very common.

When spring and summer roll in you may feel a sense of dread as it gets too hot to cover your bumps with long sleeves and pants. As common as it is, keratosis pilaris can make you feel alone and excluded as you desperately try to hide this condition.

So what can you do about those darn bumps?

Unfortunately, that irritating chicken skin can’t simply be scrubbed off, no matter how hard you try. But regular exfoliation will help as it aids in the absorption of your topical treatments. Salicylic acid and lactic acid have been shown to be great options for dealing with those stubborn little bumps.

After exfoliating your arms and/or legs apply a salicylic or lactic acid product to your affected areas. As with anything in life, consistency is vital for achieving success.

The bumps won’t vanish over night, but overtime you will see your skin get smoother and softer giving you the confidence to bare your arms and legs. So this summer you can wear those tank tops and shorts with pride.

Products to try:

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Repechage Vita Cura Renewal Toner with Salicylic Acid

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.