Borage Seed Oil is Natures Moisturizer

10th January, 2012 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Borage seed oil, although not a pretty name, comes from an exquisitely dazzling flower.  It’s a beautiful star-shaped flower that ranges in color from a stunning bright blue to a spectacular deep purple.  This unique flower is believed to bring peace into the home. Borage seed oil is rich in two essential fatty acids; gamma […] Read More

A Botanical Facial Oil that Deeply Nourishes Your Skin

29th December, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

There are many wonderful natural skin care products that promote beautifully healthy skin.  But sometimes it’s fun to create your own magical facial tonic that soothes, nourishes, and defies age. This simple DIY facial oil contains 4 incredibly effective botanical oils that help to improve your skin by leaps and bounds.  By mixing equal parts […] Read More

Tarte Maracuja Oil is Anti-Aging Magic in a Bottle!

2nd November, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

There is a lot of excitement buzzing around Tarte’s Maracuja Oil from the spectacular Amazon region.  It is exclusive to QVC until December 21, 2011, you can’t even get it on the Tarte site.  The Maracuja oil is derived from the passion fruit in the Amazon.  Only one crop is harvested each year by the […] Read More

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Gives You Radiantly Beautiful Skin!

19th September, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

  Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is an incredibly nourishing plant oil that absorbs beautifully into the skin making it soft and supple. It’s a lightweight golden oil that improves skin moisture levels, reduces lines and wrinkles, and gives you beautiful skin with a radiant glow. Rosehip oil is rich […] Read More

Get Younger Skin with These 5 Botanicals

11th August, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

  Get younger skin by adding some or all of these botanicals to your skin care routine.  Specific plants wield skin healing properties that can dramatically improve your skin.  Their petals, stems, bulbs, and oils contain skin transforming qualities that offer you younger looking skin. Rosehip Seed Oil Rosehip seed oil is an anti-aging power […] Read More

Deep Cleanse Your Skin with an Essential Oil Steam Facial

14th July, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Steam facials with essential oils offer a deep clean that opens up your pores and increases the circulation to your skin encouraging a healthy glow.  The steam increases perspiration, opens the pores to eliminate wastes and toxins, softens and loosens dead skin cells, and hydrates the skin.  Steam facials should be performed once a week […] Read More

Lavender Oil Has Many Benefits For Your Skin

4th July, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is one of my all time favorite essential oils.   Not only because its aroma is is divine but because it is also capable of many important jobs. Lavender oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, sedative, and detoxifier which encourages healing, prevents scarring, and stimulates cell regeneration. In 1910 French chemist, […] Read More

Dry Skin Resolved With Borage Seed Oil

30th June, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

This beautiful star-shaped flower that ranges in color from bright blue to purple produces incredible oil that has been used by herbalists for dry inflamed skin and eczema for centuries. Borage seed oil is a rich source of two essential fatty acids; linoleic acid (LA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).  These fatty acids are able to […] Read More

A Simple Homemade Rejuvenating Serum

8th June, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Natural essential oils and organic plant oils have the ability to nourish the skin at a deep cellular level.  There is something so magical about using essential and plant oils from nature on the skin and knowing that they deeply nourish the skin.    I love using skin care lines that incorporate plant oils in their […] Read More

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