Snail Facials! Would You Do This?

25th July, 2013 - Posted by Victoria Girard

So, tell me what you think about this! The newest craze in Japan right now is the snail facial. Yes, you heard me right, snail facials! For quite some time various skin care lines in Japan have been using snail slime in their beauty products. That lovely, oozy trail they leave behind is said to […] Read More

Why is Exfoliating Skin So Important?

28th August, 2012 - Posted by Victoria Girard

You hear it all the time; exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!  But why is exfoliating skin so important and do you really need to add this step into an already hectic schedule?  It’s important because it has a huge impact on the health of your skin and you really should seriously consider adding it to your routine. Even […] Read More

Celebrity Facial Treatment You Can do at Home

31st May, 2012 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Linda Evangelista are just a few of the celebrities that swear by this comprehensive facial treatment that features intense exfoliation, LED light therapy, and microcurrent technology.  They are used sequentially to produce age-defying results; a non-surgical facelift. The combination of these three skin treatments provides immediate results improving texture, tone, as […] Read More

Herbal Facial Kit Pampers and Rejuvenates Your Skin Naturally

22nd January, 2012 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Mountain Rose Herbs offers an Herbal Facial Kit that seriously pampers your skin naturally and beautifully.  The facial products are contained in an exquisitely carved rosewood box that exudes magnificence.  This kit makes an amazing gift for yourself or any special lady in your life and promotes healthy beautiful skin. This unique facial kit rejuvenates […] Read More