Potent Seaweed Serum Repairs and Rejuvenates Your Skin!

30th August, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Seaflora Potent Seaweed Serum. Seaweed is a gift from the sea that is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to renew skin tissue.  Seaflora Potent Seaweed Serum is ideal for mature, damaged, and sensitive skin to improve your texture, elasticity, and overall health of your skin; giving you beautifully healthy skin. It’s a light […] Read More

Organic Serum Heals, Soothes, and Comforts Sensitive Skin!

23rd August, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Eminence Organics Couperose-C Serum If you struggle with sensitive skin or skin that is prone to rosacea symptoms it can be very frustrating.  There is nothing worse than trying a new skin care product only to have it cause inflammation and irritation.  Eminence Organics Couperose-C Serum is designed specifically for skin that is sensitive, reactive, […] Read More

Rhonda Allison’s Treatment Serum Nourishes, Hydrates, and Renews!

22nd August, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Rhonda Allison Pumpkin E Treatment Serum Gives You Your Bounce Back. Adding a treatment serum to your skincare routine can really rev up your anti aging efforts.  Rhonda Allison Pumpkin E Serum is a silky treatment serum that is loaded with skin transforming ingredients that give you beautifully healthy skin. Pumpkin seed oil is recognized […] Read More

Rhonda Allison Vitamin A Serum Reverses the Signs of Aging!

19th August, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Rhonda Allison Organic A Complex Strengthens and Renews Your Skin. An effective vitamin A serum can drastically improve the appearance of your skin.  Vitamin A, or Retinol, is a superstar in the anti-aging skin care world.  It has been shown to stimulate collagen production, renew the skin, encourage cell turnover, and promote beautifully healthy skin. […] Read More

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