Shankara Detoxifying Facial Mask Purifies Like No Other!

28th October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

The Shankara Detoxifying Facial Mask is a lusciously purple mask that detoxifies and purifies your skin leaving it incredibly soft, clean, and supple.  It’s great for blemished skin or skin that simply needs purification.  It’s loaded with antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients that get rid of impurities in the skin by deeply extracting toxins from your […] Read More

dpl Nuve Handheld-LED Light Therapy At Your Fingertips!

25th October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

    dpl Nuve Handheld Red Light Therapy System  The dpl Nuve is a handheld red light therapy system incorporating an incredible technology that drastically improves the appearance of your skin as well as relieving any pain you may be experiencing; it’s a dual purpose system.  You just can’t beat a product that gives you […] Read More

Shankara Anti-Aging Serum Drastically Reduces Wrinkles!

24th October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

  Shankara ATP Cell Serum This natural anti-aging serum is an incredible addition in the fight against aging.  It has an exclusive and proprietary complex that stimulates collagen production, thickens your skin, and provides astounding deep tissue repair and regeneration. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) jumpstarts cellular metabolism and really sparks a drastic age-reversal process.  ATP is […] Read More

An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Treatment!

22nd October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Shankara Regenesis-Emergen Cell Activator The Shankara Regenesis-Emergen Cell Activator is an incredible serum-like treatment that absorbs into the skin beautifully.  My skin just drinks it in and loves the benefits of the amazing ingredients. It repairs tissue, accelerates renewal, deeply hydrates, nourishes, and encourages beautifully healthy skin.  It really wakes up and oxygenates your cells […] Read More

A Cutting-Edge Eye Cream that Renews and Rejuvenates!

19th October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

  MyChelle Fabulous Eye Cream I am always on the look out for great eye creams and eye serums that make the eye area look younger, refreshed, and renewed.  I recently had the opportunity to try MyChelle’s Fabulous Eye Cream and found it to be deeply nourishing and moisturizing. It’s a very rich and creamy […] Read More

A Firming Serum that is Luxuriously Sheer!

17th October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

  MyChelle G2 Instant Firming Serum This incredible award winning firming serum not only firms the skin but it also reduces wrinkles, smoothes skin texture, and fights free radicals.  It’s packed with phytonutrients, peptides, and nourishing plant extracts that promote beautiful skin. The texture of this serum is FANTASTIC!  It’s very sheer and absorbs into […] Read More

Fruit Pigmented Color Collection is Beyond Stunning!

4th October, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Color Collection – Blue Box 100% Pure is the first and only cosmetics line that gets its beautiful colors from actual fruit and vegetable pigments. They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants which promote healthy skin as they infuse the epidermis with healthy and nourishing nutrients. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Color […] Read More

Rhonda Allison’s Budget Friendly Eye Cream Defies Time!

30th September, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Rhonda Allison Peptide 3-N-1 Eye Cream This light, anti-aging eye cream can fit into just about any budget at just $24.  For the price you would pay for a drugstore eye cream or eye serum you can get a luxurious cream that is packed with truly amazing ingredients. I really love the fact that Rhonda […] Read More

Mineral Gel Eyeliner Glides on to Give You Beautiful Peepers!

29th September, 2011 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Youngblood Incredible Wear Gel Eyeliner To say that I like makeup is putting it very mildly. I LOVE makeup and what it can do for you. I love experimenting with beautiful colors and I love the way it makes me feel. But since I work hard to have healthy skin I don’t want to put […] Read More

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