Fermented Cod Liver Oil Promotes Healthy Skin

Fish oil for healthy skin

Guest Post: Rachel Cool

Fermented cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement that is extracted from liver of cod fish as an essential and powerful tool in the treatment of skin problems as well as promoting healthy skin. It is one of the best supplements with high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids as well vitamin A which is very effective for skin, both externally and internally. Essential fatty acids (EFA) and skin protecting vitamins guard the skin against dryness which can be caused by the low amount of vitamins in skin. The high levels of essential fatty acids in cod liver oil motivates fighting hormones while giving strength and improving skin cell structure.


The vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids in fermented cod liver oil have been proven to prevent and heal many skin conditions, including acne which can be very difficult to manage. If the right amount of cod liver oil along with other supplements are taken — it has a brilliant effect on human health and skin.

Role of Vitamins for Skin Treatment

Vitamin A is a very protective and natural occurring vitamin also important for skin health. If levels of vitamin A are lower than the minimum requirement in the human body — it can prevent growth of new skin cells causing them to die out too soon. This causes common problems such as dryness, flakiness of the skin, blackheads and blocked pores.

Vitamin D has anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties that help to protect and heal the skin. If fermented cod liver oil supplements are mixed with vitamin E, it protects the natural vitamin A in the oil or supplements and it helps the skin to combat dry skin problems and moisture loss.

Role of Essential Fatty Acids

Fermented cod liver oil structure consists of two long chains of three essential fatty acids. One of them is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and other one is eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These essential fatty acids are fantastic for obtaining beautiful hair and healthy skin. Essential omega-3 fatty acids act as an antioxidant that protects skin from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of Sun and help to repair skin problems. The body needs eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) to make the hormone prostaglandins which is very important in controlling inflammation of the tissue cells that help in protecting the skin from forming wrinkles and help with firming sagging skin. Low amounts of essential fatty acids in the body can lead to clogged pores, dry patchy skin and lack luster hair.


Safe Treatment with Cod Liver Oil

When people find out that they have a skin problem, their primary reaction is to go to market and find something to apply directly on the affected area to soothe and recover from it. What many people don’t realize is that the damage may be attributed to a lack of vitamins inside the body. Skin problems are often an outcome of an internal deficiency or imbalance. Cod liver oil is great for your skin’s internal problems if the correct dose of this supplement is ingested. You need to be somewhat careful, as taking too much may cause toxicity.

Cod liver oil can be applied directly on the affected area externally or it can also be ingested internally to target the root of the problem. Natural cod liver oil has all the important and necessary vitamins that affect and heal major skin problems (such as wrinkles, acne, etc.)

Fermented cod liver oil contains essential nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, as well as many other micro nutrients that are not only helpful for skin treatments but are also very beneficial for whole body wellness.

Author Bio:

Rachel as a skin care expert loves to share her excellent knowledge on skin improvements that regularly uses fermented cod liver oil as one of the best oil with real essential nutrients for healthy skin.

What Causes Your Skin to Age?

What causes your skin to age

Unfortunately aging is inevitable, but there are things that may accelerate the aging process, but the good news is there are things you can do to help prevent or delay some of the more common signs. So what are some of the things that cause your skin to look older and what can you do to have more beautiful skin?

#1 Sun Damage

The #1 cause of premature aging is sun exposure, or photo-aging. The sun’s harmful rays break down the skin’s vital supporting structures; collagen and elastin. The sun also damages the enzymes that protect your collagen and has been shown to produce free radicals which damage your skin cells. UVB (remember the B for burning) rays increase your risk for developing skin cancer and UVA (remember the A for aging) rays increase aging within the skin.

Solution: Make sure you wear an SPF of at least 30 every single day. It’s a simple way to help keep your skin safe and looking more youthful.

#2 Smoking

Not only does smoking cause serious damage to your health but it also damages your skin as well making look much older than its actual years. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the organs in your body including your largest organ, your skin. This limited supply of oxygen keeps your skin from functioning properly. This means that your skin’s production of collagen and elastin is greatly reduced resulting in more lines and wrinkles.

Solution: Okay, this really goes without saying; Quit.

#3 Diet

The skin needs a healthy diet in order to function optimally. A diet that is lacking in a variety of nutrients and antioxidants will reflect in the appearance of your skin. Also, rapid changes or severe restrictions in an attempt to lose weight can take a toll in the elasticity of your skin causing sagging.

Solution: Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, and protein and maintain a healthy lifestyle so there is no need for rapid weight loss or severe restrictions. Balance is the key.

#4 Genetics

Genetics is another factor in the way your skin ages but one you have no control over. However, all of the above causes of premature aging will also affect the way your parent’s skin looks so take that into account as you observe their skin. Therefore, you can’t necessarily predict your skin’s future by the way your parent’s skin looks, but be aware that genes play a role in how your skin ages.

Solution: You can’t change your genetic makeup but you can take steps to improve the health of your skin by making good choices in the other things that affect how your skin ages.

Yes, the days, months, and years will continue to tick by and your skin will continue to age. But arming yourself with the knowledge of what factors accelerate the process will help you avoid and possibly even repair premature aging.

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Get clear skin

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Choose the Right Products to Exfoliate Effectively

Guest Post:  Ella Torres

Exfoliation treatments

You might have heard and believed that exfoliation is the key to a healthy looking skin, but have you ever wondered why? Over the time our skin cells wear out and fade away thereby needing to be replaced by new, healthier ones. However, these dead cells don’t always shed themselves. They stick to the skin surface and make you look worn out and dull. In worst cases it even coagulates in the skin pores and can lead to breakouts. So, you may be wondering how exfoliation helps here:

Exfoliation means rubbing your skin with a gentle scrubber in such a way that all the dry and worn out cells get removed to give you a healthy and younger looking skin. Though moisturizing and cleansing are equally important, exfoliation is the key to healthy skin as it prevents oil and dirt from collecting in skin pores and removes dead skin cells which cleansers and moisturizers fail to do.

  • Skin type: There are multiple exfoliating scrubs available in market but for lasting results, you should select the one according to your skin type. Normally people have dry, oily or both skin types. The oily skin requires exfoliation the most as in case of a failure; you might suffer from pimple, acne, etc. In addition, dry skin looks parched when covered with a sheet of dead skin cells. So the selection of the right exfoliation product becomes utmost important. A person who has dry skin should opt for the scrub which moisturizes and protects the skin such as one containing olive oil and almond. Whereas someone who has oily skin type should opt for the scrub which contains acidic solutions like apricot, papaya, etc.
  • Product purpose: In addition to the skin type another factor also plays a major role in selection of the right product which will serve the purpose. Today, market has different kind of scrubs which along with removing dead skin cells are also effective against other skin ailments. There are separate scrubs that work on wrinkles while others reduce acne and pimples. So opt for the scrub accordingly and try it on a small patch of skin before applying it extensively on face.
  • Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin which becomes overly dry after exfoliation, then you should opt for a scrub which is formulated for sensitive skin types. These scrubs gently remove the upper rough surface of the skin without making the inner skin dry or rough. You can also make natural scrubs made of oat milk, sugar and honey which effectively removes the worn out cells while moisturizing the skin.

Exfoliation needs to be done after thoroughly cleansing the skin and not the other way round. If you maintain a regular skin care routine and is fighting the premature signs of aging then it is beneficial to use a scrub which is rich in antioxidants vitamin B and C. This exfoliation process should be followed with an effective anti-aging cream such as Lifecell anti-wrinkle cream.


Following with a technology such as red light therapy will greatly improve your results and offers incredible anti-aging benefits.

Raisins are a Tasty Food for Good Skin

food good for skin

Raisins are a super easy and incredibly healthy food for good skin.  Drying lusciously juicy grapes into raisins has been done since ancient times and these wrinkly little fruits were highly prized by early Romans, actually dating back to as far as 2,000 B.C.  Raisins are a sweet, handy, high energy, low fat, and highly nutritious treat that helps keep your skin looking beautiful.

They are packed with phenols, a very powerful antioxidant that works hard keeping your cells safe from harm.  These potent antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging your skin cells, collagen, and elastin.  Preventing free radicals from damaging your skin cells and collagen will help to keep those darn wrinkles at bay.

Raisins are a food for good skin

The Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry published a study back in 2007 that compared the amount of antioxidants in fresh green Thompson grapes, sun-dried Thompson raisins, and Thompson golden raisins.  The study consisted of three groups of 15 subjects that consumed one of these three types daily for four weeks.  The participants that ate the Thompson golden raisins had the highest amounts of antioxidants in their body.

This is great news since raisins are so simple to add to salads, cookies, breads, muffins, oatmeal, trail mix, or eating straight out of the bag.  So, go on and enjoy these delicate little fruits knowing that you are doing something great for your skin.