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Guest Post:  Ella Torres

Exfoliation treatments

You might have heard and believed that exfoliation is the key to a healthy looking skin, but have you ever wondered why? Over the time our skin cells wear out and fade away thereby needing to be replaced by new, healthier ones. However, these dead cells don’t always shed themselves. They stick to the skin surface and make you look worn out and dull. In worst cases it even coagulates in the skin pores and can lead to breakouts. So, you may be wondering how exfoliation helps here:

Exfoliation means rubbing your skin with a gentle scrubber in such a way that all the dry and worn out cells get removed to give you a healthy and younger looking skin. Though moisturizing and cleansing are equally important, exfoliation is the key to healthy skin as it prevents oil and dirt from collecting in skin pores and removes dead skin cells which cleansers and moisturizers fail to do.

  • Skin type: There are multiple exfoliating scrubs available in market but for lasting results, you should select the one according to your skin type. Normally people have dry, oily or both skin types. The oily skin requires exfoliation the most as in case of a failure; you might suffer from pimple, acne, etc. In addition, dry skin looks parched when covered with a sheet of dead skin cells. So the selection of the right exfoliation product becomes utmost important. A person who has dry skin should opt for the scrub which moisturizes and protects the skin such as one containing olive oil and almond. Whereas someone who has oily skin type should opt for the scrub which contains acidic solutions like apricot, papaya, etc.
  • Product purpose: In addition to the skin type another factor also plays a major role in selection of the right product which will serve the purpose. Today, market has different kind of scrubs which along with removing dead skin cells are also effective against other skin ailments. There are separate scrubs that work on wrinkles while others reduce acne and pimples. So opt for the scrub accordingly and try it on a small patch of skin before applying it extensively on face.
  • Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin which becomes overly dry after exfoliation, then you should opt for a scrub which is formulated for sensitive skin types. These scrubs gently remove the upper rough surface of the skin without making the inner skin dry or rough. You can also make natural scrubs made of oat milk, sugar and honey which effectively removes the worn out cells while moisturizing the skin.

Exfoliation needs to be done after thoroughly cleansing the skin and not the other way round. If you maintain a regular skin care routine and is fighting the premature signs of aging then it is beneficial to use a scrub which is rich in antioxidants vitamin B and C. This exfoliation process should be followed with an effective anti-aging cream such as Lifecell anti-wrinkle cream.


Following with a technology such as red light therapy will greatly improve your results and offers incredible anti-aging benefits.

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.