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Clear Rayz

The Clear Rayz is a really cool red and blue handheld light therapy device that helps your skin look vibrantly clear and healthy. You know that pit in your stomach that hits you like a ton of bricks that first moment that you see a blemish or pimple fighting its way to the surface of your skin? Well, the Clear Rayz gives you a powerful means to fight that stubborn blemish.

It fits comfortably into your hand and makes treating blemishes and acne super easy and convenient. As with anything in life you need the right tool for the right problem and the Clear Rayz is just that.

Clear Rayz

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One side of the device offers red LED treatments while the opposite side offers blue LED treatments. You simply divide your face into 4 sections use the red side one day for 7.5 minutes per area for a total of 30 minutes; the unit shuts off after each 7.5 minutes. Then the next session (1-2 days later) you use the blue side for 5 minutes per area for a total of 20 minutes; the Clear Rayz automatically turns off after each 5 minute area.

Blue Light Therapy on Skin

The Clear Rayz gently warms up and feels phenomenally soothing on the skin but let me tell you the real beauty behind this ergonomic device is its effectiveness. If you’re someone who gets the occasional blemish or if you’re someone who suffers with mild to moderate acne the Clear Rayz will help you get a clearer complexion without drugs or harsh chemicals.

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Getting and treating acne can be incredibly frustrating and breakouts usually occur at the most inopportune times like when you have an event on the horizon that you really want to look your best for. It’s those panic stricken moments when the Clear Rayz steps in and relieves your heavy burden.

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The red LEDs speed up the healing so that blemishes vanish much more quickly while the blue LED treatments kill acne bacteria. It’s a super powerful yet gently way to easily vanquish blemishes in the comfort of home sweet home.

I really love the look, feel, and ease of the Clear Rayz. It is such an effective unit and is so easy to whip out whenever that moment of fear arises as you glance in the mirror and see a horrific blemish trying to make its unwelcome presence known. With the Clear Rayz you can stop that dastardly blemish right in its tracks and get your skin looking the best it can quickly and easily.
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Written by Victoria Girard
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