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Does red light therapy really work?

I received this question from a gal in England that sounded a bit frustrated with her situation and I when tried to respond to her question, the email was returned without making it to her. I wanted to make sure that her question got answered and thought it would also probably help many of you out there that may have the same question; so here goes.

Q:   Hi, I have purchased red light therapy 3 months ago from ———–, England. I have been using it twice per week for 20 min. as it has been advised, but I could not see any improvement. All my fine lines and wrinkles stayed and my skin did not become more soft and elastic. Is it possible that for some people it really does not work? I tried 8 session of micro-current and I bought 60 sec face lift and still nothing. Plastic surgery does not come into consideration as it is expensive. I tried facial massage even, but nothing. I think I must cope with being older, but it is difficult. I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks

A:   I’m not sure what unit you purchased, but first of all check to see what the nanometer range of the red LEDs is (it should be between 630 and 660). If it also has infrared LEDs, they should be around 880nm. The higher the nanometers the deeper the LED wavelengths will penetrate. There are knock off versions out there that don’t state any technical information about the light so be wary and do your homework. Some even cover ineffective lights with red plastic in hopes of deceiving the user.

That being said, you aren’t going to get results that are as drastic as surgery but you should notice a more even skin tone, smaller pores, as well as a reduction of lines and wrinkles (they won’t vanish completely but they will be diminished.) Every case is different some notice changes right away and others it may take quite some time before they notice any changes. Two times a week really isn’t sufficient for producing great results. If you don’t have sensitive skin then you should be doing it every day.

Red light therapy definitely works, but like I said it may take some time and the results are going to be different for every individual.

As far as your microcurrent sessions: Microcurrent systems, such as the Tua Viso, are designed to help retrain the underlying facial muscles. The skin is intricately connected to your facial muscles and as we age our facial muscles lose their tone and strength. By using microcurrents you can re-educate those muscles to be more firm and tone, hence pulling the skin up with them. However, just as attempting to get the muscles in your body toned and tight won’t happen with 8 sessions the same holds true with your facial muscles. It will take time and persistence to see visible results and again it won’t be as dramatic as surgery. But surgery is a huge risk and could alter your appearance permanently.

I know it can be frustrating, we all want results “now”, but if your light contains effective and high quality LEDs and you are consistent you should begin to notice improvements. Patience, patience, patience.

I hope this helps clear things up a bit 🙂

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.