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A Fit Face Is A Young Face!

You have the power to take years off of your face by simply exercising your facial muscles. There are three basic areas of your face that drastically age due to muscle atrophy; forehead and eyes, neck, and your cheeks.kitten-lifting-weights

Forehead and Eyes

The forehead muscles run vertically from the hair line to the eyebrows. Whey these muscles weaken and waste away it causes your brows to lower. When the brows lower you may begin to notice forehead lines.

This downward movement also can affect the eyelids. They may begin to show folds and can also become “hooded” making you look tired or I’m sorry to say, angry.

The eyebrows sit right on top of the muscle you use to raise them. When your forehead muscles lose their tone and deteriorate you may notice that the space between your eyebrows and eyelashes has diminished.

By using specific resistance and isometric facial exercises you can tone these muscles and firm them up. When you do this you can decrease forehead lines and reduce the “hooded” eye lid. I have also found that after I began using these exercise my eyebrows gave me a more youthful and rested look because the appeared to be higher and have more of an arch.


Your large neck muscle runs from the upper chest area through the neck to the lower cheek area. When this muscle atrophies and loses its firmness you will see problems such as; double chin, the not-so funny turkey wattle, and horizontal neck lines.

Resistance training can help you to strengthen these muscles so that you can either prevent or diminish the double chin or turkey wattle.


The upper cheek muscles start at the hair line and end just under the mouth muscle. When these muscles grow weaker you will begin to notice folds along the mouth, saggy jowls, a down-turned mouth, and the contour of your jaw will vanish.

As you exercise all of these muscle groups you will re-contour your face and neck. You have the ability to reshape and tone your face with resistance and isometric exercises that are geared specifically for each area of your face.

The beauty of a facial exercise program is that you can either prevent your muscles from sagging and taking your skin with them, or you can strengthen those muscles and reshape any areas that have already begun to show the ravages of time.

You can watch a free video demonstrating an exercise for your upper eyes and brows by visiting Cynthia Rowland’s site.

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.