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Get rid of teen acne

Fight Teen Acne Safely and Effectively!

The teenage years are a challenging time for anyone, let alone a teen that struggles with acne. Acne is an extremely frustrating skin condition that lowers self-esteem, causes insecurity, and can keep teens from enjoying their life to its full potential.

Many teens turn to risky chemicals and drugs, such as Accutane, in hopes that they can finally be free from the binds of acne. But some of these chemicals cause scarring and Accutane is an extremely dangerous drug that has to be closely monitored.

Clear Rayz

Blue light therapy offers a gentle and non-invasive option for treating mild to moderate acne without damaging the skin or health of the teen. Blue LED wavelengths have the ability to permeate into the skin targeting the acne and killing the bacteria that causes it, P. acnes. It has powerful anti-bacterial properties that help to purify and cleanse the skin. In addition, blue light therapy, is soothing and stabilizes sebaceous glands helping to regulate oil production.

One caveat, however, is that blue light has been shown to potentially cause damage to the eyes if used without protection. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your teen uses protective goggles when using a system that covers the entire face such as the Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro or to make sure not to shine the light directly into the eyes when using a handheld system such as the Clear Rayz or the Baby Quasar Blue.

Red LED light therapy rejuvenates the skin and speeds up the healing process making it a great companion treatment with blue light therapy. Blue LED light kills the acne bacteria and red LED light promotes healing; a one two punch. Red light therapy also helps to diminish acne scarring and the dark spots that can remain long after the blemish has disappeared.

blue light therapy before and after pics

LED light therapy is a powerful and effective means for treating this frustrating but common skin condition and helping your teen obtain clear skin that boosts their confidence. The Clear Rayz, the Baby Quasar Blue, Quasar MD Blue, the reVive Beauty sytem, and the Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro are some of the most powerful units on the market and have been FDA cleared for home use. They are all natural, safe, have no damaging UV rays, no abrasive chemicals, no side effects, are completely painless, and simple for anyone to use.

According to the American Dermatologist Association, 85% of teens and young adults between 12 and 24 are likely to suffer from acne and 25% of these cases will cause permanent scarring. Many find great relief with blue light therapy and have smoother and clearer skin that lifts their self-esteem to a whole new level.

Written by Victoria Girard
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