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Get rid of wrinkles

You are bombarded with free radicals every single day from pollution, toxins, cigarette smoke, a poor diet, and sun exposure. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that are missing one electron. The unstable molecule seeks out a healthy cell so it can steal an electron from it in hopes of becoming stable. The cell that was stolen from then becomes unstable and searches out another cell that it can take a neuron from and a chain reaction ensues.

This process can damage cell function and can even alter DNA. The destruction also activates enzymes that break down collagen resulting in wrinkles. You may not be able to avoid your exposure to free radicals but there are things you can do to help prevent and repair damage.

First and foremost make sure you are feeding your cells plenty of antioxidant rich foods. Eat plenty of dark fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and seeds. Antioxidants have the power to scavenge free radicals and stop them from starting their path of destruction.

Apply antioxidants topically. Use products that contain antioxidants and fight free radicals from the inside as well as from the outside. Look for ingredients such as green tea, pomegranate, vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, and ferulic acid.

Antioxidant rich facial creamEssona Organics Pom-Acai 100% Antioxidant Creme is loaded, and I mean loaded, with incredibly powerful antioxidants.  It contains pomegranate, tea, goji berry, acai, mangosteen, elderberry, and so much more.  With this amazing creme and a diet rich in antioxidants you are on your way to seriously fighting those destructive free radicals.

Repair damage and stimulate new collagen production with red light therapy. This technology penetrates deep into the layers of the skin where the powerful LEDs (light emitting diodes) increase collagen synthesis and set into motion reparative and healing processes.

Don’t use products containing retinyl palmitate, or other vitamin A derivatives, during the day. When these ingredients are exposed to UV rays it results in free radicals. Vitamin A products are fantastic anti-aging additions when applied at night just avoid them during the day.

Free radicals are out there looming and would love to get a hold of your healthy cells causing wrinkles and many other problems. Take heed and do your part to stop them in their tracks. Armed with these tips you can help prevent wrinkles and even repair some of the damage that has already occurred.

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.