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The Le Edge exfoliating tool, based on the ancient Roman strigil, is now available on QVC.  This is great news since QVC is known for offering high quality, effective, and cutting edge products.  During its debut the Le Edge tool sold over 2,400 units in just 6 minutes.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT!

The Le Edge tool is a simple to use device that exfoliates the skin from head to toe.  It’s designed after an ancient Roman tool called the strigil.  In ancient times the Romans would use a strigil to help cleanse and beautify their skin.  They would apply a natural oil all over their bodies and then “scrape” the metal strigil over their skin removing the oil, dead skin, dirt, and debris while leaving their skin clean with an aromatic scent from the natural oil.

Using the same concept, the Le Edge takes ideas from the past and blends them with modern day advances to create a sleek design that glides over the skin removing dead skin, revealing a softer and smoother complexion.

I like to keep mine in my shower for a wonderfully convenient way to quickly and easily exfoliate my skin.  It’s great for mixing up my exfoliation routine.  After cleansing, you just glide the tool over damp skin and you will immediately feel the results.  Periodically I like to use the Le Edge with my favorite scrub, Rhonda Allison’s Pumice Wash.  I gently massage the scrub over my skin for 2-3 minutes and then use the Le Edge to “scrape” off the scrub and all the dead skin right along with it; talk about baby smooth skin!

You can head over to QVC and watch a detailed video to learn more about how to use this unique tool as well as facts and useful information.   Click here to lean more.

Written by Victoria Girard
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