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Mineral makeup has been around for long and has found its place on the shelves of health-conscious cosmetic lovers. With the growing desire to use cosmetics that are gentle on the skin, people have started taking a liking to makeup made from minerals. Dermatologists from around the world have recommended the use of mineral makeup, as it’s free from chemicals and additives that cause irritation to the skin. Mineral makeup has gained limelight and is available on the high street at reasonable prices too. But what are the benefits of mineral makeup for your skin?

Mineral makeup is not a miracle replacement or magic powder to solve your problems of aging. It is not a substitute for your anti-aging serum, moisturizer, or spot cream but it does have its own skin care benefits. It’s mostly suggested for people with sensitive skin as it has fewer irritants, and has a soothing effect on the skin.

Hermione Lawson from the British Skin Foundation says, “Mineral makeup usually contains fewer ingredients and because of this, it may be less likely to aggravate sensitive skin including conditions such as rosacea.”

Acne & Spots

Both teenagers and adults have acne problems that come first on many doctors’ skin treatment list. As you know, acne can leave behind scars that last a lifetime, and people suffering from acne are allergic to almost all types of makeup. But even those with skin-related issues who are frequently prone to breakouts can use mineral makeup. Some who have used mineral makeup opine that they are fewer incidences of acne and blackhead breakouts, and even possible curing effects are seen after the use of mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is, by far, the safest to use, especially when you have sensitive skin. It is made of natural minerals and contains no oils, fragrance, or preservatives that aggravate acne, making it very mild on the skin. Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog the pores.

“Mineral makeup seemed like makeup from the Gods, or a skin treatment for flawed skin, an answer to many girls’ prayers!”, said a very excited teen when she first used mineral makeup. 🙂


Mineral makeup reflects the sun’s light and this makes it act as a good sunblock. The ingredients, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide block the sun, giving your skin a certain degree of UV protection. In spite of this protective layer of mineral makeup, doctors advise the use of sunscreen lotion if you are going to stay out for longer hours in the day.

As years go by, most women long to get back their youthful looks and mineral makeup can help in getting close to that dream. Mineral makeup has a special luster that gives the face a beautiful glow, and as the minerals are fine, pure pigments that blend easily on the skin, they provide a natural, flawless sheer cover. No wonder it is considered to be “magic dust from heaven”! 🙂

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I’m Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood mineral eyeshadow makeup cosmetics. I used to draw inspiration from nature as well as my own practical experience as a paramedical aestheticism to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Written by Victoria Girard
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