Treat Your Skin to a Powerful Anti-Aging Organic Moisturizer

An Organic Moisturizer that Really Works!

Gaelle Organic Creme Superieure

How often have you been so excited to get your hands on the newest and greatest organic moisturizer only to have it let you down? Do you have a cupboard or drawer filled with broken promises and disappointments? Or maybe you have a sister or good friend that acquires the many creams and potions that just didn’t make a difference for your skin. Believe me, I can relate! I have shoe boxes filled with failed attempts; ones that I just can’t get myself to throw out because I feel like I’m throwing money down the drain.

For me, it’s rare for me to see the bottom of a jar or bottle and when I do I know I have found a winner. If that product has kept me happy enough to make it to the bottom then it’s done something right. The problem is, even though I make it to the bottom of the jar I’m still searching for the next miracle cream.

If you are even remotely like me then I have great news, no make that fantastic news! Gaelle Organic Crème Superieure will have you begging for more. I am not kidding! Jane Lipsitz (famous TV producer) stated in Marie Claire that Crème Superieure was her skin savior making her skin look dewy and youthful.


It’s one of those rare gems that actually works and it’s completely natural and organic. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with this decadent moisturizer. It infuses your skin with properties that are pure and powerful. A beautiful blend that gives your skin a dewy, juicy, glow-from-within, luminous, come-hither, radiance!

It’s loaded with super nourishing and nutritious ingredients including aloe, jojoba oil, calendula, shea butter, coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil, colostrum (yes, that exceptionally dense nutritious first milk from organically raised cows,) plus a slew of other amazing ingredients.

All of these miraculous ingredients are exquisitely blended into a creamy, rich, and nourishing anti-aging organic moisturizer. This one product serves as your day time cream, night cream, and eye cream. Not only does it save you money by meeting the needs of 3 separate products but it also significantly simplifies your routine.

When you first apply Crème Superieure it leaves your skin with a shine but give it 5-10 minutes to absorb into your skin and you’re left with a stunningly beautiful glow. It has a delicately fresh scent that gently drifts through the air giving you the pure essence of nature.

There are absolutely NO chemicals, alcohol (very drying,) or GMO’s giving you an extremely high quality organic moisturizer that gives you peace of mind; no more of those nagging thoughts that linger in the corners of your mind as to whether each ingredient is safe or not.) It’s also packaged in glass due to reports that plastic mimics estrogen increasing your risk of developing certain forms of cancer. Gaelle Organic worries about ALL of it so you don’t have to.

Glowing Skin

What can you expect from Crème Superieure?

  • Dewiness
  • Luminosity
  • Baby soft skin
  • Diminished lines and wrinkles
  • Plumped up skin
  • A glow from within
  • A bright healthy complexion
  • Younger looking skin

You will LOVE what this organic cream does for your skin and you will LOVE that comes in a generous 2 oz. size (most organic facial moisturizers are 1 oz.)

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If you are someone who happens to have very sensitive skin then you will want to treat your skin with the Gaelle Organic Ultra Sensitive Creme