Tea Tree Oil; Try Saying That 3 Times Fast!

Tea Tree Oil

Seriously, though, try saying tea tree oil 3 times as fast as you can.  Betcha can’t do it without messing up on either “tea” or “tree”.  Okay so it may be a little tongue twister, but oh the great things tea tree oil for acne can do to improve your skin.

There are almost 100 different chemical compounds have been found in tea tree oil.  The most important one being an antibacterial component called terpinen-4-ol.  This little fighter makes up a whopping 40% of the oil.

Tea tree oil has been shown to treat mild to moderate acne just as effectively as benzoyl  peroxide.  You just need to be patient and give this natural oil a little more time as it works a bit more slowly.  But, hey at least you know you are using a pure oil that has been used for centuries treating skin conditions.

For the history lovers out there (I happen to be one of them Winking smile  )…..
In 1770 Captain James Cook set out on a great adventure and while exploring the coast of New South Wales he stumbled upon a group of Aborigines who welcomed him with a warm spicy tea from a strange tree or bush; hence the name “tea tree.”

The healing powers of this plant date back even before written records.  It began its journey to popularity when in the 1920s and 30s an Australian chemist names Arthur Penfold published a study on tea tree oil’s antimicrobial properties.

Tea tree oil can be used for insect bites, bee stings, minor cuts, and pimples.  It’s an amazing antibacterial natural oil that makes a wonderful addition for anyone that suffers with mild to moderate acne or gets the occasional blemish.

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  1. Hi friends..
    Really this oil id topically for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Tea tree oil may have advantages for facial skin including treating acne, allergic skin reactions and cold sores.

  2. That powerful oil is really amazing. It can be used as acne new treatment, insect bites and cuts. I hope to find an all natural product that contains this tea tree oil. Thank you for sharing me this informative post.

  3. I used my tea tree oil for my acne twice a day and it dries up easily. I never believe on that before but now I could say that it is really effective.

  4. Fantastic web site. I like each and every minute I devote experiencing this website. thanks for revealing.

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. I have an extremely sensitive skin and had a tough time dealing with my acne. I was looking for something natural. Tea tree oil is just amazing and I can already see the difference. And I don’t even have to worry about side effects!!

  6. I’m so glad it was helpful for you Sherry and so thrilled that the tea tree oil is working for you!