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Light Therapy at Home

LED light therapy is used in spas, clinics, and doctor’s offices around the world to treat a vast number of skin conditions. Thanks to research and advancements you can do this efficacious technology in the comfort of your own home. But, with so many cheap imitations on the market how do you know which ones really work? The following LED systems are best sellers, have positive testimonials and feedback, and disclose the nanometer range (the nanometer range determines how deep the wavelengths will penetrate into skin and tissue, the higher the number the deeper the penetration.)

Best Red Light Therapy System for Anti-Aging

DPL Therapy System

DPL Therapy System

The DPL Therapy System combines 20 red LEDs at 660nm and 154 infrared LEDs at 880nm into one professional-grade hands free LED light therapy unit. This combination of LEDs produces dramatic results as the wavelengths are able to penetrate deep into skin and tissue repairing, regenerating, and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. It’s an anti-aging system that makes it easy to get spa quality LED treatments at home.

Quasar MD or Baby Quasar PLUS

Quasar MD

The Quasar MD and its smaller sister, the Baby Quasar PLUS, use high quality luminescent LEDs in 4 different wavelengths reaching different depths within the skin. Both of these systems are extremely powerful and have won numerous beauty awards due to their effectiveness.

Best Yellow Light Therapy System

Caribbean Sun Skin Rejuvenation Light

Caribbean Sun CCOL

The Caribbean Sun CCOL Skin Rejuvenation Light combines 144 red LEDs at 660nm and 144 yellow LEDs at 590nm for an at-home skin rejuvenation unit that helps renew, refresh, diminish lines and wrinkles, and has been shown to help ease rosacea and eczema symptoms. As yellow light therapy becomes more and more popular in spas, this hands-free system makes it simple for you to experience the effects of this skin transforming technology.

Best Blue Light Therapy for Acne

Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro System

Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro

The Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro system combines 144 red LEDs at 660nm and 144 blue LEDs at 415nm into one hands-free system making it more convenient and economical to treat mild to moderate acne at home. It’s a powerful combination of LEDS that work in different ways to treat flare-ups. The red LEDs speed up the healing of existing acne while the blue LEDs kill the acne bacteria, P. acnes, and helps to regulate sebum production.

Clear Rayz


The Clear Rayz is an innovative two sided light therapy system designed to treat and prevent acne. One side uses red LEDs to accelerate healing and a blue side to kill the acne bacteria. It’s a great combination and designed with an incredibly convenient size.

LED light therapy is an incredibly effective, safe, and non-invasive technology that can do wonders for your skin when you use a legitimate system that contains effective and proven combinations of wavelengths that reach different depths within your skin and create very specific responses within your cells.

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.