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Votre Vu

 Votre Vu French Skincare & Color Delivers Impressive Results!

Votre Vu skin care and cosmetics are dripping with French elegance! I had the pleasure of experiencing a number of products from this exceptionally luxurious line and I think I might just be in love.

Votre Vu is truly your French connection to looking and feeling simply gorgeous! I have to admit that I really love an elegant product. Somehow the elegance of that product seems to seep into my soul giving me a boost of confidence.

Votre Vue French Skincare

Votre Vu is handcrafted in France just outside of Paris. The products and the packaging whisper Parisian grace. Everything is donned with a regal “V” for Votre Vue, but by happenstance it embodies my name as well (Victoria.) Smile

But I digress; let’s get back to the products at hand. When the package arrived I was bubbling with excitement to see what was snuggled inside. There’s something so magical about a package loaded with new skin care and cosmetic products! I carefully cut through the tape not sure what was just on the other side. I was happily greeted with scintillating French luxury! From eye shadow to lipsticks to glorious sunscreen, I couldn’t wait to experience it ALL!

For the Face

Amour D’Ore

amour d'ore

Amour D’Ore is an exquisite oil infused with luscious vitamins and nutrients. It’s loaded with precious oils such as grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, carrot oil, and jojoba oil; just to name a few. This concentrated blend of oils can be used on the face, neck, body, and even in the hair; a serious multi-tasker.

It has a beautiful aroma that fills the air with tranquility and joy (even my husband commented on how good my skin smelled, and that NEVER happens!)

I really love how quickly this oil absorbs into the skin and how nourishing it feels. I like to apply it over my night treatment for an added boost of moisture and nutrients. My skin drinks it in and looks so vibrant the next morning. I also love using the Amour D’Ore with my ultrasonic skin care device. Oooo la la, it glides over the skin and the ultrasonic waves help it penetrate even deeper into the skin.

En Garde Sunshield

en garde

En Garde Antioxidant Weightless Sunshield 30 is quite possibly my favorite sunscreen for my face – EVER! It smells light and citrusy and is exceptionally, just like the name says, weightless. It seriously feels heavenly on the skin. My only complaints are the size of the tube (1.18 oz. I wish it was a larger size) and I really have to squeeze with all my might to get enough for my entire face. But, with that being said, I definitely wouldn’t let those small complaints keep me from purchasing and using this little beauty.

Side note* I received a great tip from Traci K., another Votre Vu fan. She suggested cutting off the white tip on the tube to allow more product to come out. Great advice!

Vu-On Rouge


Vu-On Rouge is a sheer moisture packed color accent for the lips and cheeks and it seriously adds a healthy pop of color. I tried the shade, Ma Cherry, and it is a gorgeously rich cherry color. It gives the cheeks a beautiful, just gone out for a run, rosy tint and makes the lips look juicy and plump. I’ve just recently been experimenting with cream blushes so this came at the perfect time. It really does give the skin a beautiful glow.

For the Eyes

Palette Play in Nude

nude palette

This elegant eye shadow palette is right up my alley. I am a brown eye shadow junkie and this palette contains 4 stunning shades of matte and shimmery browns and creams. The shadows glide on nicely with good pigment and with little fallout and the colors are really beautiful. There is a deep chocolate shade with a slight shimmer, a matte camel tan, a creamy off-white, and a shimmery taupe. I love a soft smoky eye and this palette delivers tenfold.

Palette Play Eye Shadow Round in Endless Summer

endless summer

Perfect, perfect, perfect for summer! The name is spot on! This eye shadow is a beautiful shimmery bronzy color, although bronzy just doesn’t do it justice. It really does exude the warmth of a perfect summer day.

For Lips and Hands

French Kiss Lipstick and Gloss

Lisette  lip gloss

I received a lovely bouquet of lip colors in both glosses and lipsticks. My favorite quickly became the French Kiss Moisture Riche lipstick in Lisette, a pinkish mauvesh color. It really gives the lips a dose of delectable moisture. You know how some lipsticks just seem to suck the living moisture right out of your lips? This one definitely does NOT fall into that category. It gives your lips a good healthy serving of hydration and moisture.

The glosses also feel amazing, not sticky or tacky like some glosses can be. There’s nothing like a slight breeze to glue your hair right onto your lips! But not with the Votre Vu glosses, they go on smooth and shiny without gluing your hair to your face.

Duette Luxe Lips and Tarte D’Amande

Duette Lips and Tarte D'Amande

This sweet duo of hand cream and lip balm is truly ingenious! It’s such a brilliant concept; an exquisite almond hand cream with a nourishing lip balm nestled right on top of the lid. It’s such a great product for your purse or on your nightstand. The hand cream smells delicious (like almond pie) and the lip balm stays on my lips all night long. I’m not kidding I can rub my lips together in the morning and it‘s still there!

After trying these AMAZING products I want more! I’m dying to try the eye creams (have I mentioned that I’m also an eye cream junkie) and the anti-aging line of products. If they deliver half as well as these products then I have no doubt that I will look years younger!

Votre Vu is not only a gorgeously luxurious line, it really performs. I really love the way this French line makes me look and feel like I really am the crème de la crème. Smile

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Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.