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Red Light Therapy Systems


Red Light Therapy is an extremely powerful, healing, and reparative therapy that is scientifically proven to improve the look of lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and more! It is so effective that it is used by celebrities, doctors, spas, facialists, dermatologists, as well as NASA, medical institutions, and Universities!  This powerful technology has been proven to repair sun damage, diminish lines and wrinkles, fade age spots and scarring, as well as shrink pores and promote a more even skin tone; in other words, significantly improve your skin.


20 Incredible Benefits of red light therapy for the skin (Click here to see benefits for pain)

  1. Stimulates collagen and elastin production20 Benefits of Red Light Therapy
  2. Diminishes lines and wrinkles
  3. Makes pores look smaller
  4. Improves skin tone
  5. Improves texture
  6. Firms and tightens
  7. Reduces age spots
  8. Increases circulation
  9. Reduces redness
  10. Repairs sun damage
  11. Diminishes scarring
  12. Increases moisture
  13. Diminishes inflammation
  14. Heals blemishes more quickly
  15. Increases cellular energy
  16. Prompts healing and reparative properties
  17. Rejuvenates
  18. Renews
  19. Brightens skin-tone
  20. Helps active skin care ingredients penetrate more deeply into the layers of the skin
  21. Now, with the reVive Lip Device you can also plump your lips!
  22. The new dpl Oral Care Device whitens teeth and heals gums!

Can red light therapy really make a difference?

I was beyond frustrated with how my skin was looking. I had spent a small fortune on skincare and makeup trying to cover up my aging skin and I was sick and tired of looking in the mirror only to see no difference. I wanted to feel more beautiful, I wanted to look as young as I felt, and I wanted it to be easy and painless; not too much to ask is it?

During my extensive search for the best anti-aging product, I came across red light therapy. My only concern was that it was a bit of an investment.

It is an investment, but it’s one that will dramatically and safely improve the appearance of your skin!

Ask yourself this: if you don’t take steps to improve your skin today what will it look like tomorrow? In other words, every day that goes by that you don’t do something to improve the health of your skin it will only continue to head down a path you’re not happy with. One thing is certain, you are here because you are looking for a way to visibly improve your skin. Red light therapy is an incredibly effective and easy-to-use tool that will help your skin look younger and more beautiful without pain.

Save on dpl II Light Therapy Systems

Is Red Light Therapy Right for You?  Here are a few reasons it just might be!

  1. Your skin will look years younger.
  2. The results are cumulative.
  3. It helps with a vast number of issues: wrinkles, skin tone, acne, elasticity…
  4. Simple to use.
  5. It’s a spa treatment at home (you save a substantial amount of money!)
  6. It’s convenient.
  7. It’s painless (in fact it feels relaxing)
  8. It’s an incredible value.
  9. It lasts for years.
  10. The benefits are immense!

dpl IIa

Your skin will only continue to age so why not do something about it now and start feeling more youthful sooner rather than later? I have been using red light therapy for over 8 years and it has, hands down, been the best skin care investment I have ever made!

So, what does one of the top beauty magazine in the U.S. have to say about red LED light therapy?  In Style Magazine in the September 2008 issue said, “LED’s activate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process for a smoother, more even complexion… [Just] Six weeks of treatment with LED’s can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines.”

Even celebrities see the value in red light therapy.  It has been reported that Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Imbruglia, and Carla Bruni are all fans of red light therapy treatments in order to keep their skin clear, fresh, youthful, and renewed.


Red Light Therapy Before & Afters in the Eye Area



Which system is right for you?

Click here to see all available options.

Both the handheld and the hands-free systems work to effectively turn back the hands of time.  Having used both styles I can attest that I have seen impressive results from both so, in my opinion, one of the most important factors in selecting your system is to figure out which one you will be more consistent with.


Consistency is vital if you want to see results so ask yourself this one question:


Which type of device are you more likely to use regularly, a or b?

a.  A handheld unit where you don’t need to close your eyes but will need to move the device to a different section of your face about every 3 minutes? With this option, you can read or watch t.v. while doing the treatments.

Handheld recommendations:

Baby Quasar PLUS

Quasar MD

reVive Clinical

dpl Nuve Anti-Aging System


b.  The second choice is a hands-free panel system where you will need to close your eyes but you don’t have to move anything? A full-sized panel system will treat your entire face. With this option, you can listen to music, audiobooks, or the t.v.

Recommended panel systems:

dpl IIa

dpl II


Which System is the most powerful?

The Quasar MD, the DPL II, and the dpl IIa are incredibly powerful and are FDA cleared for home use. These are my top recommended systems. I personally use the dpl IIa and the Quasar MD.


Which system is best for both aging and acne?

The dpl IIa contains three settings; one for anti-aging, one for acne, and one that combines all LEDs. The Clear Rayz or the Clear Rayz for Him are great handheld options! They actually have two sides; one with red LEDs and one with blue. You might also consider owning two separate handhelds; one for anti-aging and one for acne. Another option is to purchase two handheld units; one anti-aging and one blue for acne.


Which system is best for skin rejuvenation and rosacea?

The Caribbean Sun CCOL contains red and yellow LEDs which have both been shown to help ease the signs of rosacea.


Click here to see all available options.


Red Light Therapy Before & Afters in the Lower Face

What is Red Light Therapy?

light therapy spectrum

Red light therapy is a gentle yet extremely powerful therapy that utilizes specific wavelengths measured in nanometers to penetrate deep into skin and tissue where they have unparalleled healing and reparative effects on the body. As these wavelengths travel into the body they easily permeate the cells and ignite a plethora of positive reactions. They increase collagen and elastin production, boost cellular energy, kick into high gear reparative processes, accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and much more.

LEDs penetrate into the layers of the skin

So, how was red light therapy discovered to be so therapeutic?

As luck would have it, as NASA performed plant growth experiments in outer space they soon discovered that the red wavelengths were speeding up the healing time of injuries that occurred out in the field.

Countless studies have since been performed revealing the immense benefits red light therapy offers for the skin as well.

Red light therapy replicates photosynthesis deep in your cells (much the same as when plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into building blocks), using the cell’s own cytochromes to build new proteins.

The LEDs stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and increase cellular energy stimulating healing and reparative reactions that encourage healthy functions.

It’s a very mild yet powerful treatment that is extremely effective and safe for all skin types. Results are gradual yet visible, although less dramatic than other more dangerous and invasive procedures. You will look like you only younger, healthier, and more naturally beautiful; not plasticky or frozen.

The thickness of your skin ranges from 0.002-0.15 inches (the thinnest part being your eyelids and the thickest being the soles of your feet.) Yellow LEDs at 590 nanometers (nm) penetrate 0.24-0.31 inches, red LEDs at 660 nm can reach 0.31-0.39 inches, and infrared LEDs at 880 nm can penetrate up to 1.18-1.60 inches.

Red light therapy is now combined with other wavelengths in order to achieve optimal results for a wide variety of conditions.

Red and infrared lights are combined to rejuvenate the skin, diminish the signs of aging, reduce the signs of rosacea, speed up the healing of blemishes, reduce pain, and accelerate the healing of injuries.

Red and yellow combinations work on rejuvenating the skin, de-aging, healing blemishes, reducing redness, and easing the signs of rosacea.

Red and blue combinations are used to fight acne and inflammation in the skin.

Red light therapy only continues to grow in popularity and is found in the top spas, medical clinics, and doctor’s offices.  In fact, you will now find many tanning salons converting tanning beds into red light therapy beds.  These once harmful tanning beds are now skin rejuvenating beds that repair sun and tanning damage.




Questions or concerns? Email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 



Before and After Photos

red light therapy before and after


red LED light therapy before and after



LED light therapy before and after for rosacea



light therapy for acne before and after


Studies on Red Light Therapy


Facial Rejuvenation in the Triangle of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)

It was demonstrated that extended periodic exposure to intense 670 nm light, generated by light-emitting diodes (LED), significantly reduces facial wrinkle levels.


The use of light-emitting diode therapy in the treatment of photoaged skin.


Treatment of the periorbital region was reported more effective than the nasolabial region. At 12-week follow-up, 91% of subjects reported improved skin tone, and 82% reported enhanced smoothness of skin in the treatment area.


Good response to LED therapy has been shown in this modest sample.

LED wavelength penetration

The penetration of different wavelengths ~

Your Questions about Red Light Therapy Answered!

For me, red light therapy is undeniably the beauty breakthrough of the century; it’s gentle, powerful, effective, and safe. I am definitely a person who likes impressive results without pain, difficulty, or inconvenience.  I love the fact that I can treat my skin at home whenever I want and as often as I want with no side effects and no downtime.

If you have any questions as to which red light therapy system would be right for you just email me at and tell me what problems you are trying to alleviate and I’ll get back to you right away with my recommendation.


What is LED light therapy exactly?

LED light therapy harnesses the power of light wavelengths to penetrate deep into skin and tissue where they ignite a number of positive reactions.

The different colored wavelengths penetrate at different depths where they:

  • Promote collagen production.
  • Increase cellular energy (ATP)
  • Stimulate DNA/RNA synthesis.
  • Increase blood flow/circulation helping to bring more oxygen and nutrients to cells.
  • Repair and restore damaged tissue.
  • Decrease inflammation.
  • Lessen the effects of oxidation.

How much do spas charge for this therapy?

The DPL II and the Quasar products (Baby Quasar Plus and the Quasar MD) are frequently used in spas due to their effectiveness and ease.  You don’t need to be trained or skilled in any way to use these FDA cleared professional red light therapy systems.  Spas that offer treatments with the Quasar MD charge around $85 for a 30-minute session including cleansing, exfoliation, serum, and 20 minutes of light and a moisturizer. They recommend that clients come in for treatments at least 2 times a week.  This comes out to $680 a month!  You can own your own device and enjoy treatments up to 5 times a week and save a ton of money!

Does LED light therapy hurt?

No. In fact, LED treatments are extremely relaxing, soothing, and comforting.

I look forward to the warmth and soothing power of my LED treatments. It’s a  little “me time” that helps me relax while reversing aging in the skin.

Can I use my regular skincare products while using LED light therapy?

Generally speaking, yes. However, there are some ingredients that should NOT be used during light therapy treatments. Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, bitter orange, cumin, and lavender.

These ingredients may cause photosensitivity or skin irritation if used during treatments. They can be used after your treatments, just not during.

Some ingredients, such as green tea can amplify your positive results.

If in doubt, simply do your treatments on clean skin.

Can light therapy cause skin cancer?

No. LED light therapy doesn’t have any UV rays, which are the rays that have been shown to cause skin cancer.

How long until I see results?

This is a tough question. It really depends on your skin condition, type, damage, needs, etc.

Light therapy results can vary from person to person. But you can expect to see ongoing anti-aging benefits anywhere from immediately to 3 months and beyond.

Noticeable improvements in wrinkles and fine lines may need at least 2 months of consistent treatments.

Consistency is KEY!

I noticed changes in my skin tone, brightness, and evenness right away. I continue to see age-defying benefits even after 8 years of use.  It’s an anti-aging product that has given me the most significant improvements, bar none!

Red light therapy is so easy and convenient and as an added bonus it is very relaxing, especially when done in your own home.

Red light therapy works, there is no doubt, but you have to be sure you are getting the real deal and not some knock-off that doesn’t work. This technology isn’t cheap and you may have to make an investment, but you and your skin are so worth it.

Click here to see all available options.

Skin Graph

Originally I tried this technology in a dermatologist’s office but stopped after about 2-3 treatments, not because it didn’t work, but because it was such a pain to get there and took too much of my valuable time driving to the office, waiting in the waiting room, and receiving the treatment. Not to mention the ongoing expense I would endure to improve and maintain my complexion.

That’s why I LOVE using my systems at home!  I save money and get the professional results conveniently and easily.

Red light therapy has been researched and studied for over 40 years revealing incredibly impressive and extensive results for both health and skin. It prompts over 24 positive responses at a cellular level ranging from accelerating healing, to stimulating collagen and elastin production, to blocking pain transmitting chemicals, to repairing sun damage.  This amazing technology can help with acne, rosacea, and fight aging at the same time.

If you have any questions as to which unit would be best for your unique needs please email me at, I’m happy to help.

If you are not happy with how your skin looks or how it is aging then why not give red light therapy a serious look before you do something more drastic that could permanently alter your appearance. Red light therapy will help you visibly improve the way you look without risk.

Red light therapy offers a safe and effective solution that will help soften the ravages of time and make your skin look more beautiful.  It’s a very advanced technology that is incredibly simple to operate and very convenient to use in your own home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Light Therapy


How often long and how should I use a red light therapy system?

The DPL II runs for 17 minutes and then automatically shuts off. It is recommended to do a minimum of 8 minutes.

The Baby Quasar PLUS can be used for a total of 18 minutes up to 5 times a week and the Quasar MD can be used for a total of 12 minutes 2-3 times a week.

The reVive Clinical devices and the dpl Nuve devices are handheld systems that are held on the area to be treated for 3 minutes and then repeated for the next area and so on.


How long until I will see results?

It will vary from individual to individual but most people feel and see results with red light therapy in about 4 or 5  treatments. Treatments are progressive so the results will continue to get better and better. Most individuals will begin to see visible results within 6-8 weeks.


Does red light therapy work for most people?

Yes, this red light therapy system has been proven to work on all skin types.


Can red light therapy hurt my eyes?

No studies have been found showing any harmful effects to the eyes when used correctly. However, it is recommended that you close your eyes and do not stare directly into the LED’s.


Can I use it if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, but it is recommended that you follow a sensitive skin protocol.  After placing your order please email and let me know that you need the sensitive skin regimen.


Why can’t I see light from some of the LED’s?

You cannot see them because they are in the infrared spectrum (880nm) which is not visible to the human eye. When the red lights are on, the infrared lights are on as well and working properly.


Can I combine red light therapy with other skincare?

It is recommended that you do the treatments on clean skin or a serum designed to work with the LEDs. Some ingredients are sensitive to light and can have a reaction. After your treatment, you can use your favorite skin care as desired.


Will red light therapy hurt?

No, unlike lasers or other ablative (skin damaging) treatments, red light therapy is non-invasive and non-ablative. The lights on these red light therapy systems gently warm the skin but do not get hot. There is absolutely no pain and no downtime.


How do I clean the unit?

Unplug your red light therapy unit before cleaning and don’t submerge the unit in liquid (this will void your warranty.) Use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or soft rag and gently clean the surface.


Medical Precautions for Red Light Therapy

If you have been diagnosed or suspect thyroid problems do not use the red light therapy unit over the thyroid gland (neck area.)

Do not use red light therapy if you are taking medication that may cause photosensitivity reactions.

1. Consult your doctor prior to use, especially if you:

a. are pregnant,

b. are taking drugs known to cause sensitivity of skin to light,

c. have any suspicious or cancerous lesions,


d. recently had a steroid injection or use topical steroids.

2. Individuals using aspirin, ibuprofen and other similar drugs for pain or individuals with skin conditions may experience a mild “flare up” of their symptoms and should stop DPL™ therapy.

3. Read all instructions and safety precautions before using the system.

4. Do not use on infants.

5. If you experience discomfort or have a concern about its use, stop use immediately
and contact your doctor.

6.  Thyroid:

The light works under the surface of the skin and will increase circulation.

For those that have a “slow” thyroid the use of the light will stimulate and increase circulation… which is actually what you are trying to accomplish.  For those with a slow thyroid, the light may actually help.

For those that have a “fast” thyroid and may be on medication to slow it down, you will want to avoid using the light on the nape of the neck and cover that area with a thick (rolled) towel.  Or avoid that area completely.

7.   For anyone concerned using the light due to medical conditions, we will always recommend that you consult with your physician as they will have access to all your medical issues and conditions.


International orders are responsible for shipping and handling charges.

Owner and heirs of are not responsible for any liability in connection with the use, or improper use of the LED system.


“Open Box Units”:  On the rare occasion that we receive a returned “open box” unit in new condition containing all original package contents we will offer it at a huge discount.   These units cannot be returned.  Please email if you are interested in being put on a waitlist.