Quasar MD Plus


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A portion of all proceeds will go to one of the following charities. Simply choose where you want to make a difference 🙂 Journey with Equus (0) The Dolphin Project (0) Blue Voice (0) The Jane Goodall Institute (0) World Wildlife Foundation (0)
Quasar MD Plus Quasar MD Plus Quasar MD Plus Quasar MD Plus

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“Hi Victoria,  Wanted to let you know UPS delivered my product right on schedule as promised.  I set it up and used it for the first time.  High strung as I am, I thought I would split the 17 minutes into two sessions, but after the first 8 minutes, I felt so serene I continued until it was finished.  Thanks so much for your good and professional service.  “The hand of the diligent is blessed.”  Angela


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