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Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

Guest Post:  Chris Miller

Once you discover you are pregnant, everything about your life changes. Your body will behave differently, and your priorities will change. You can forget about the skin care regimen you had before because not only does your skin change drastically during your pregnancy, you will also have to think about the baby’s health when taking care of your skin.

Avoid the Sun

No matter what type of skin you have, you need to avoid sunbathing for the nine months you are carrying. Your skin will be ultra-sensitive, and will darken much easier in a blotchy pattern. You will also burn much easier, and the heat and UV ray exposure is not good for your baby.

Drink Tons of Water

This is a good practice at all times, but while pregnant you will need to drink even more water than you normally do. It’s important that your body stays hydrated, as it will help maintain that natural pregnancy glow people always rave about. Being well-hydrated will also help many tests like ultrasounds work better, as it gives the radiology PACS scans a clearer reading.

Wear Less Makeup

Your skin is prone to acne during a pregnancy, but this does not mean you should splurge on cover-up. Makeup will inflame blemishes, and some of the chemicals in makeup can be harmful to the baby. Plus, you won’t want to hide that natural flush your skin will have underneath layers of powder. If you must wear makeup, make sure to include sunscreen in the mix before going out.

Moisturize Your Abdomen

A main concern of pregnant women is how to avoid stretch marks on their abdominal area. While they cannot always be prevented, good moisturizing habits can make a huge difference. Apply lotion to your belly once or twice a day, always making sure to use a natural lotion. This will also make ultrasounds easier, allowing for a smoother glide over your skin and preventing the gel from drying your skin out.

Do Mild Toning Exercise

You may notice an increase in cellulite on your stomach and leg areas during early pregnancy. This can be remedied by engaging in light toning exercises to tighten the muscles and the skin. Do squats for as long into your pregnancy as you feel comfortable. As for abdominal exercises, make sure to only do them during your first trimester; after that, they put too much strain on the fetus and should be avoided.

Question Everything

It’s very important to keep your baby’s health your top priority. As such, you need to question everything that you are putting on your skin and eating. If you are taking any oral acne medication, putting any topical cream on your face, or looking into any chemical peels or other skin procedures, consult your doctor first. Harmful toxins can come in many shapes and forms, and you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them out of your body for the sake of your little one.

While your baby’s health is the most important concern, it’s normal to want to maintain your skin’s beauty and youth during a pregnancy. Follow these tips for a healthy balance between the two, and you’ll feel your best both internally and externally.

Chris Miller is a professional writer, blogger, and English grammar enthusiast. Chris enjoys learning about new health products, procedures, and ideas. Chris also writes for Nurse TV, who works to provide personal medical care to a world-wide audience.

Written by Victoria Girard
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