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dpl Flex System

I am so excited to tell you about the new and exciting dpl® Flex System! It’s the same powerful technology utilized by the DPL® Therapy System and the dpl® Nuve but in a flexible set up that allows you to more easily place it anywhere on the body. It’s an innovative approach to a therapy that is already extremely advanced.

The dpl® Flex System contains 5 mini panels nestled in a breathable neoprene wrap that provides therapeutic treatments in the comfort of your own home. Each panel consists of 21 LEDs (18 infrared at 880 nanometers and 3 red at 660 nanometers) for a total of 105 LEDs (90 infrared and 15 red LEDs) which can penetrate incredibly deep into skin, tissue, joints, and bones.

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I have been dying to tell you about this system as it is going to take the light therapy market by storm! It offers the same versatility as the dpl® Nuve and the DPL® Therapy System but takes it a step further making it completely flexible.

dpl Flex System

You are literally one of the first to learn about it as it hasn’t even been released to the public yet. If you would like to be one of the first to own this new and exciting system you can pre-order it now. Delivery is set to take place early May. Because it’s new, quantities are limited and I’m worried it will sell out fast so hurry and get yours today!

If you pre-order today you can take advantage of the special price of $349.95 (price will go up in May!)

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The dpl® Flex System is designed for pain relief but embraces the exact same LED technology as the dpl® Nuve and DPL® Therapy System which are very effective for treating the skin in a number of ways. It also has 3 settings giving you the choice of having the lights constantly on, at a slow pulse, or a rapid pulse.

The dpl® Flex System is a Class II over the counter medical device that is FDA cleared putting the power of this ground-breaking treatment in your hands. Just imagine easily strapping this intensely therapeutic and healing system anywhere on your body that needs attention; pain or skin de-aging. It gives you the flexibility to use it on the entire family (except infants) with ease and relaxation.

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Product Details

  • 5 Mini Panels light modules. Each module has 21 LED’s  (18 @880nm and 3 Red 660nm LEDs)
  • 1 Control module with following features:
  • Control of audio beeping (3) Settings: on/off, 1 minute or none
  • Pulsing of LEDs (3) Settings: constant on, slow pulse & rapid pulse
  • On-Off Switch
  • Circuit protection, if incorrect power supply is used
  • 5 Interconnect Cords for each module and Control Module
  • Flexible adjustable large strap (for use on the back and other larger areas of the body)
  • Replaceable neoprene cover for the strap (machine washable)
  • Power Supply – Same power supply as existing Panel System
  • Nylon Carrying Case
  • Automatic shutoff at 40 minutes
  • Instruction Manual
  • Return Policy

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