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Sleeping on a clean pillow

When you rest your head on your pillow at night it probably doesn’t even occur to you that a clean pillow case is just as important as the skin care products you so diligently apply every night.

As you sleep on your pillow case for 7-8 hours (hopefully) a night you are transferring oil and dirt from your face and hair onto your pillow. Unfortunately, oil breeds bacteria which can then lead to a less than perfect complexion including acne breakouts. If you are sleeping on a dirty pillow case every night it only makes sense that it will eventually affect your skin, and not in a good way.

Here’s a little trick you can begin using right away. Start off with a clean pillow case; get a good night’s sleep, and then the following night flip your pillow over so you are using the clean side. Then have a pillow case in waiting so that you can switch them out after two nights. I know it can be impractical to wash your entire bedding every two days but pillow cases are simple and you can have a stash hidden away in your linen closet so that you are always sleeping on a crisp and clean pillow case.

Silk Pillows

While you’re paying attention to your pillow cases you might want to consider treating yourself to a supply of satin or silk pillow cases as they can help prevent those irritating creases from forming in your skin which over time can turn into dreaded wrinkles.

And of course hitting the hay with a clean slate is also important to maintaining a clear complexion. During the day your skin is assaulted by dirt, bacteria, germs, and makeup (if you’re a makeup wearer) making it important to thoroughly cleanse your skin before bed.

So, there you have it; a little tip to help you enjoy all the benefits that sleep has to offer without waking up to new blemishes.

Written by Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard helps women all over the world improve their skin with powerful tools such as red LED light therapy, natural skin care products, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.