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Another spectacular oil to add to your skin care repertoire; Neroli oil comes from the beautiful Bitter Orange Tree (Citrus aurantium,) also known as the aromatherapy tree due to the fact that it produces 3 different oils; neroli from the exquisite blossoms; petitgrain from the leaves; and bitter orange from the peel of the fruit.

Neroli was named after the princess of Nerole, Anna Marie de La Tremoille. She introduced this luxurious oil to the people of Italy in the 1600’s. Loving the scent, she used it in her baths, on her lace shawls and gloves, and scented her stationary as well.

ca. 1670 Princesse des Ursins, Anne Marie de La Tremoille attributed to René Antoine Houasse

Today, neroli is used as an essential oil that has profound effects on mind, spirit, and skin. It’s one oil that does a great deal, along with the approval of a princess; doesn’t get much better than that!

Mind and Spirit

This luscious scent is famous for its ability to relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. It is known to instill a feeling of peace and tranquility (something we all need more of.) It is said that neroli helps to reconnect the link between mind and body while calming and stabilizing the heart and mind.


Neroli oil is extremely beneficial not only for your mind and spirit but for your ski as well. It has toning and rejuvenating properties as well as the ability to stimulate cellular growth. It’s an excellent oil for more mature skin types as it helps reduce the signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles along with scars and stretch marks.

The neroli blossoms are hand-picked in the early morning hours just as the bud is beginning to open. Due to the high production costs and the fact that it takes over 2 pounds to produce just under .04 oz., neroli can be a bit pricey; although very worth it Winking smile

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Written by Victoria Girard
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