Simple Fall Skin Care Tips for a Glowing Complexion

19th September, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

As we get deeper into the crisp fall season you may be noticing that as the air gets chillier and drier you skin care needs are changing. Your skin isn’t holding moisture the same way it did during the summer months resulting in skin that is parched, tight, and slightly uncomfortable. As fall moves forward […] Read More

The Best LED Light Therapy Systems for Home Use

15th September, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

LED light therapy is used in spas, clinics, and doctor’s offices around the world to treat a vast number of skin conditions. Thanks to research and advancements you can do this efficacious technology in the comfort of your own home. But, with so many cheap imitations on the market how do you know which ones […] Read More

Valia Skin Care Brings Out Your Inner Beauty With Pure Japanese Philosophy!

8th September, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

  Valia Skin Care Reveals Luminously Youthful Skin! Valia Skin Care is, in one word, AMAZING!! This exceptional skin care line is based on the Japanese belief of celebrating beauty in the state of becoming; hence it’s gorgeous Bloom collection. It’s created using the purest and highest quality ingredients that work both internally as well […] Read More

Help for Rosacea

3rd September, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Natural Help for Rosacea Rosacea is a common and very frustrating skin condition that is estimated to affect over 16 million Americans. Some of the symptoms include redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead as well as small visible blood vessels on the face. While the cause is unknown and Rosacea can’t be cured […] Read More

How to Decide the Best Mineral Makeup to Maintain Natural Beauty?

22nd August, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Guest Post by Pauline Youngblood, the CEO and President of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics You could certainly get overwhelmed when you cross the well-lit make-up aisle at the fashion store across the street seeing hundreds of products lined up in a row which offer you everything from clear skin to no wrinkles in just a matter […] Read More

LED Light Therapy Combined with Microcurrent Produces AMAZING Results!

13th August, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

LED Light Therapy Plus Microcurrent Brings Out the Flawless in You! LED Light Therapy with Microcurrent facials combines two advanced technologies in order to deliver superior anti-aging and lifting results! Although both of these treatments are truly amazing all on their own, when combining them you get really incredible effects naturally and safely. Both offer […] Read More

Facial Acids Explained

6th August, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Acids are one of the tried, tested, and proven skin care ingredients that offer a substantial number of benefits to the skin. But, what’s with all the different types; alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, glycolic, lactic, salicylic, malic! With so many scientific sounding names, what’s a girl to do? Here’s the low down, the down low, […] Read More

Votre Vu is Your French Connection To Looking More Beautiful

30th July, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

 Votre Vu French Skincare & Color Delivers Impressive Results! Votre Vu skin care and cosmetics are dripping with French elegance! I had the pleasure of experiencing a number of products from this exceptionally luxurious line and I think I might just be in love. Votre Vu is truly your French connection to looking and feeling simply […] Read More

Get More Radiant Skin with Scrumptious Cucumbers

14th July, 2014 - Posted by Victoria Girard

Cucumbers are such a delicious addition to salads and sandwiches but did you know that they are loaded with nutrients that promote more radiant skin? These tasty vegetables are high in enzyme-charged water, B vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and electrolytes. Bet, you had no idea that these seemingly simple veggies were packed with so […] Read More

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